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Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to Create a Sales Order

Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to Create a Sales Order

Today we are going to talk about Sales order, what do we have on a sales order? we have a customer, we have to sell it to someone, and we usually have an item just like we created in the last video.  

A sales order is a transaction that moves the item to the customer and creates a liability for the customer to pay us back if we actually get into how that works in a day to day life for most of us.  If I go into a coffee store and I buy a drip coffee, that’s a sales transaction and in the coffee store they will sell it to a person, to me, the item would be the drip coffee and immediately they deliver the item to me and charged. So, its shipped and invoiced like in business central terms.  

Creating an item
We are going to go through creating a sales order to a customer with an item. We start out by creating an item. Go into my item list, click new, pick an item with no sales tax. Put in the description and I’m going to close it out and open it up again. The reason because I’m doing this is because it needs to save before I can put in a picture. I’m going to import a picture, here we have out drip coffee and now it loads up. We’ve created the first thing.

Create a customer
Then we are going to go ahead and create a customer. In order to get back to the main menu in business central, I just click here in Cronus USA and then I get back into the main menu. Now I go into customers and create a new one. Here I’ going to pick a cash payment customer. The system automatically sets up a few things and all I must do is put in the name, and again I close. Now I have the customer here, click on it again to get in a picture. Always going to put in pictures, Close it out. Now we have a customer.  

Create a Sale
Finally, we want to create a sale. We go back into Cronus and I go into create a new sales order right here, so here we want to pick who the sales orders to. Now all I must do is start typing the name and it finds it and then it automatically assumes that I’m going to sell an item. We are so let's go ahead and look for the item. It’s a medium drip coffee. I sold one and the price was 3.99 good coffee, and then I go ahead and post. What I want to do is ship an invoice, because I have shipped the item, meaning I have delivered it and I have a bill for the item which means that I’m going to invoice it.

It’s the same thing as the receipt that you would get at a coffee store. We go ahead and ship an invoice, its posted. We have the invoice. The system asks you if you want to see the invoice. Here is the invoice and this is basically the same thing as the receipt you would get in a coffee store. 



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