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94 - CRM in Dynamics 365 "Tenerife" pt. 2

94 - CRM in Dynamics 365 "Tenerife" pt. 2        

We are running videos in tandem so whatever I’m doing inside NAV 2017 I’m usually doing as well in Dynamics 365 since those two products are going to merge in the end, It makes sense to take a look at the differences, and there are not a whole lot of differences.

But for one I’m always in the load in 365 so, right here we are actually looking at the Sales and Relationship Manager role, just like we did in NAV 2017 and I’m gonna talk about mailing groups. We are on our CRM path and this is a great role center for those things and ass you can see it's very similar to the 2017 version.

Mailing groups
I’m gonna just go ahead and search here for mailing group and yes we do have them as well here in 365. I have two but I need to create a holiday gift, so mailing group is a group that allows you to put contacts into that group for later use in this case we need to pull this contacts that are supposed to get a holiday gift and we might have to print out the labels, so we are gonna label out the gifts or send them to the company where we actually buy the gifts from.

So, I created a new group here called holiday gift. Now how do I actually ad rd the contact in here, I just go into Contact right here, Is interesting because the arrangement here is slightly different than inside dynamics NAV 2017 it doesn't bunch up together like this. But let me just go here straight into contact person, also what's interesting is that there are a lot fewer contacts inside the demo company in 2017.

Anyways, let's go into Megan here, we want to add here to a mailing group, I just go here into navigate, mailing groups. And she is no into any mailing in groups right now I just look into holiday gifts and now she is in here. Let's go ahead and add a few more, let's put Jessie into the mailing group, click on that, holiday gift and this is appropriate for the time because we are running into the holiday season so I’m sure a lot of people have been maintaining this lists.

Let's put Helen in here as well, we have three people. Alright, so close that out and now when we actually take a look a the mailing list or mailing group, we can see that we have three contacts right here so, it actually extends to fill the screen so you have the three all the way to the right, here, with NAV 2017 it actually opens up a little screen in the front so it's slightly different on that. But if I click on these three now I have these three here.

So we are gonna actually start using the mailing group in the next video but this will prep you to set up the mailing groups and there is a lot of things we can do for mailing groups once we have this in here. 



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