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92 - CRM in Dynamics 365 "Tenerife"

92 - CRM in Dynamics 365 "Tenerife"      

This is going to be a talk about Tenerife and the CRM system in Tenerife. We are actually doing a CRM series in NAV 2017 and in tandem we are gonna take a look at the system in Tenerife and see if they are any differences.

Here I’m logged in as a Sales Order Process and If I go into customer, I get the list of customers. If you’ve been looking at the other video in the demo data is now quite the same as in NAV 2017, we have here the Coho Winey, there is no Canon group, I get confused what can I use?

Create a new contact
We are gonna actually just add a person to the Coho Winery. If I click on that here, Into contact, I get a list of contacts. I can look at this list like this which is very similar to NAV 2017 or like that which is sort of the modern way of looking at things, now I get the picture inside the little box in a brick view over here.

I’ll just create a new contact. We can have multiple contacts per customer. That is the quality of a CRM system. With older versions of ERP, we could only put two or three contacts and they were sort of hard-coded into the customer card. Now you have many contacts because the contact is a table inside NAV.

We are gonna go ahead and create a here Ken Tory as a person and one of the interesting things here, you can see perfectly, is that before I created it on NAV I actually had to say that it was a person and tie it to the company name. But in Tenerife it automatically figured that out because I came from that screen, which is nice, that is nice that they actually fixed that so thanks Microsoft, good job.

What I want to do Is do the profile just like we did before and let’s go into the profile screen, and Ken is a male, he likes football and theater and literature, he is married, has no children, has a bachelor's degree and he is analytical.

Now we’ve created the profile selections for this contact an I can just close that. Now Ken is here and very similar to NAV 2017 we can definitely keep track of contacts with profiles and we’ll keep exploring and see the differences. Thanks Until Next time. 



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