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103 - Approvals in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 1

103 - Approvals in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 1        

We are kind of flying a little bit all over the place but dedicated to diving into the details and we just finished up cash receipts, we are in progress with CRM and actually, in this session, I want to take a look at approvals. I have done an approval video very short, really surface level and now I would like to get a little bit deeper into it with a series of approval videos in 2018.

Approval user set up
Right here I’m logged in as Paul and I’m also logged in as my demo account, so the idea behind this is if I go into the approval user set up, I’ve actually set up two users in the approval group and I have Paul who is sending approvals to demo, demo is the approver and demo has unlimited approval rights. This simple chain basically means that if I’m Paul, I’m sending a document sales order for approval, it will pop up demo as a document to approve, demo will approve or reject and we’ll come back to Paul.

Send an approval request
Right now for this video I’m just gonna display that sequence and in the next one I’m gonna dive into detail, so what template we are using and what are the parameters for approval. Let me go ahead and make sure that I’m Paul, go into sales orders and just create a new one very quick one to the Cannon group. Go in here for the Paris chair here, 10 pieces, 2,000 dollars and here Instead of releasing it which is what I would normally do, I have to send an approval request, so I go for that, Now it says an approval request has been sent. The reason why this worked, is because I have activated a template for sales orders which is gonna interact with these users So, I close that out.

Now I’m gonna take a look at demo, and If I go in here, I can actually see on my role center that I have sales orders pending approval right here, there is one. If I get into that, I can see the cannon group sales order, I can see details on the sales order and if I wanna actually take a look at it, in particular, I can open it up and here I have the options of approving, reject or delegate it to someone else. I’m quite happy with this, so I’m just gonna approve it. It disappears from here and now it is approved on Paul’s side so he can go ahead and continue with the sales order.

That was a simple approval setup for sales like I said this is the first of a series, so I’m gonna dive into how actually we set it up and play with it a little bit. So stay tuned for more on this topic.   



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