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132 - Cloud Version of NAV is now Business Central

Cloud Version of NAV is now Business Central

We have an announcement from Microsoft which is pretty big for our ecosphere. NAV in the cloud version is going to be called Dynamics 365 Business Central, and we’ve gone through a few names and a lot of bloggers have made fun of that. I think business central, and I have to agree with other out there, it’s a good name, I like it.

It describes what NAV can do, which is pretty much almost anything for your business, it is the center of your business, it's like the neural networks in your brain. Its connecting everything together, it's at the core so definitely apt name.

This is the name for the cloud version of NAV which is going to lunch April 2nd and we still have the on-prem version of NAV which is identical except its just on-prem so, the features are going to be the same for both products. That one I think is still going to be called NAV so NAV 2018 or something like that, so you can go either way, which I think is a great strategy for Microsoft because there are situations where you need on-prem and then situations that are great for clouds.

You have to work with the actual reality even though you high up there making decisions, us on the ground actually have to put it together and you know, have to make it work so here’s the blog post I have it up here, Lisa Taylor is talking about the business central, you can google this yourself.

This is just some marketing but about NAV and that is gonna be released in 14 countries April 2nd, you can actually go into the business central page. You can see the pricing it's gonna be $70 dollars for the standard-essential license and $100 dollars for the premium. I think the premium is going to be with manufacturing and service management, and the essential one is with everything else.

Exciting times, April 2nd will get a new product, we'll definitely dive into it then, but until then we applaud Microsoft for pushing forward and always bringing new things to us.



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