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160 - Outlook Integration Pt.3 in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Outlook Integration Pt. 3 in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Today we are going to keep going on the Outlook integration or basically the Office 365 Outlook Business Central plugin, we've been doing 2 videos so far on that, today I just want to see how far we can go.

Inside Business Central we have contacts and those are basically all the people that we interact with, I have here companies, people and all of that. We also have something called opportunities. I just want to see how far we can go, opportunities are basically deals that we are chasing and if we get an email requesting a quote, for example, that will be an opportunity. To create the quote, we create an opportunity around the quote, activate a sales cycle and then start pushing the sale cycle through.

Send a quote
If we go into the mail system right here. I get here and email, please send the quote for parish Guest chair so is the 200. If I go into Business Central like I did before, I can go ahead and say, I want to create e new quote and it suggests to me that 200, because 200 was in the line here so I just say ok. Then I have the quote just like I did before and here I can attach it to an opportunity, I want to create an opportunity around this.

I just create a new opportunity and inside that, I'll just say Paris guest chair opportunity. It automatically gives me the number and I can go ahead, and you see the sales cycle its new right here and you can see that the sales cycles have not been activated yet, that's not too bad. I can actually go ahead and activate the first stage.

One thing that is kind of cool on this, I can actually pop all this out, if I get tired of using this little window over here I can get a big window, which is just the same as I had before just big. This is not a client, this is just a plugin into the outlook 365, so it's like a plugin client. I can toggle details so it's nice and I can actually see the sales line details etc. If I want to close this out, I can go ahead and send it by email or just close it.

Creating an opportunity
Basically, what I ended up doing is creating an opportunity for this costumer and attaching the quote to it. So, we can go ahead and drill into ongoing sales quotes, here I can see all the sales quotes and I can actually go into the Adatum corporation here and I can see that it is connected to this opportunity, it will be nice to actually have a list of opportunities here, I don’t seem to be able to do that, even if I pop out. We see details, I do get the main contacts face right here, and I don’t see the opportunities, I just see the sales orders and sales quotes.

Let's see if I can actually get that here. It would be nice to be able to get into the opportunities straight from here, it doesn’t seem to be a possibility. But anyway, we created the opportunity through new and we were able to get into that from there. But there are still some limitations. Like I said, it would be nice if the opportunities were actually in here, then we could just get back into the opportunities and manage them, create new ones and drill into finding new opportunities. Maybe it's not that hard to actually change it so we can include the opportunities here as a tile. I might actually look into that and it could be another video to explain.



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