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89 - Create an Item in Dynamics 365 "Tenerife"

89 - Create an Item in Dynamics 365 "Tenerife"            

Welcome to the coffee mug tutorials, in this video we are branching off a little bit, so of course we are going to keep going through the NAV videos going through the modules and the features and functionalities, but in this video we are actually gonna go into Dynamic 365 o what's called code name Tenerife, its a brand new product it’s been in development for a while but it is the cloud version of NAV and its new.

It does not have all the features that the standard NAV does, its sort of been released slowly and surely, actually not slowly, very fast, because its an enormous project but what we need to do at the coffee mug tutorial is start showing you this product.

I think in most cases people will opt to go with the un - prem version of that standard NAV but this version is getting stronger and stronger and it's more viable option and in the end, this will be the same product as I showed in the Halloween special. If you take a look at that you can see the road-map and so the products will merge.

What I’m gonna do is just start fresh with Tenerife, going through the features and functionalities I’ve done with NAV. there are gonna be similar, of course, the look is different and we are gonna be exploring to see what is actually different and what can we do in the cloud version that you can do on-prem and vice versa. Without further, I’m gonna jump into creating an item.

As you can see here I’m logged in as the sales order processor. This was the first video we did long time ago in NAV 2015, and we are doing it in there so I’ll go here into items from my role center and I get a list of items and I want to create a new one.

So I just come up here and click new. And it actually gives me a set of templates that I can pick from so that I don't have to fill out everything. And this item is actually no sales tax item its the standard coffee mug, so I’m gonna pick that. And it's gonna set up the tax groups to be non-taxable as you can see here it's a retail item etc.

So I don't have to worry about the tax setups which it’s pretty cool, we have this feature also in NAV even though in the fist video 2015 I did set it up all the way from scratch, so this is gonna be a standard coffee mug, just like in the previous video we just started coffee mug we are a furniture company, we added this on, so let's see we have standard coffee mug, sold in pieces, on the item category code I can select that and as before we are a furniture company so this is a miscellaneous item and if I just take a look at cost here, we can see that this is a FIFO, it already had put in no tax for general product posting group , tax group is non taxable, inventory posting group is resale, so if you went through all of the posting videos, you are gonna understand what this means, and even though I'm on NAV cloud or Tenerife, it works the same.

If we go a little bit further here, just opening up, you can see that we have very similar options as we have in NAV, slightly less but similar. I can just go in here and import a picture to make it look pretty.

This is the standard white coffee mug, and then I just close that out. And Here I have my coffee mug. So now I’m ready to actually start interacting with it like buying and selling etc. So as you can see this is a little bit different than the prem version and they’ve been adding on more things and it's getting pretty close to the standard NAV but not quite there, so we will keep going with this.



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