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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - 01 - How to Create a New Company

How to Create a New Company

Video transcript:

What I wanted to go over today is a system called Dynamics 365. Now, obviously, you guys have been watching these videos, maybe some of you, and I’ve always been demoing NAV, Dynamics NAV, and that is of course the system that we love.

However, Dynamics 365 is really NAV in the cloud; it’s just rebranded as Dynamics 365 for Financials. Now this is a system that does not have all the features and functionalities of NAV so it’s a little bit stripped down, at least at the moment.

Microsoft is kind of working on extending that out but I thought it would be a good idea to jump in here and start demoing Dynamics 365 to kind of show you the possibilities that we have in the cloud.

So I just logged in and as you can see I’m in the cloud and if I click here on the tiles that are available to me - I see here I have Dynamics 365 for Financials, and if I click on that I get this ‘Project Madeira’ which is the codename for Dynamics 365 and I log in to my Start page. I’m logged in under Business Manager and Cronus US which is the demo company for Dynamics 365.

Now what I want to do is actually create a new company so this is going to be my first video of a series where I’ll go through creating a company and setting up the Coffee Mug International inside of Dynamics 365. So in order to do that I’m logged in as a Business Manager.

I can’t really see anything except Customers, Vendors and Items and I just have the actions up here. But we do have the Search function just like in NAV it’s all over here to the right, and I get a Search and I want to look for Companies.

I click here and now I get a list of companies. Now I want to hit New to create a new company and I’m going to call it Coffee Mug International, and I want the Assisted Company Setup. So what that’ll do is actually when I log into this company, it will help me set it up or as we go through it.

Now it starts syncing because it’s setting up the new company and we’ll just wait for it to go through its phases. And yes, they are working on it.

Now this is pure cloud so there is no on-premises option for Dynamics 365 and like I said before it does not have all the features that NAV has. Actually it’s far from it, but it does have enough to do your sales, purchasing, inventory, accounting etc.

And it is growing in feature list day by day so that’s sort of why we are jumping into this to see the differences. Ok, now it created that. Now I close this out.

So how do I actually change a company? I go here up into the Settings and I see Dynamics 365 for Financials Settings - My Settings. Here I can change my role - my role center.

So if I wanted to be something other than a Business Manager I could pick that. I also can change the company and the work date. So I’m just going to go and change company: pick my new company, hit Ok, and then it tells me I’ve to sign out and in again. That’s fine. So I go into my sign in, I hit Sign Out and now I get this pretty picture of a light bulb.

Now I sign back in and Project Madeira comes up and what I should see -  if everything went well - is my new company, and it should start assisting me in setting it up. So obviously it’s creating a whole new company and setting it up so it takes a little bit of time, you know, a few minutes.

Alright, so here we get Welcome to the Company Setup. I hit Next. The company will be ready to use when Setup has completed - yes that’s fine. Specify your Company’s address information - so we are on 123 50th Street #333, City: New York, State: NY, Zip is 10010, United States or US.

Ok, so we don’t have the countries, that’s ok, let’s just create a new one. US - alright, that’s ok. And, put in a couple later. And phone number is going to be... email... like that. Ok we’ll do the banks later. My accounting - when do i want it to start? On the first, that’s fine, and then that’s it.

Ok, so hopefully we’ll get into our company. I think it’s syncing again and it’s working on it. So now we have the Coffee Mug International company set up in Dynamics 365 for Financials. So in later videos we are going to start exploring how to set this up further.

As always we welcome any questions or suggestions, so leave comments or of course if you can Subscribe that would be awesome. We are trying to build our fanbase over here at Inecta and if you want to look for further information please go to inecta.com.



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