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Dynamics 365 Business Central: Sales Prices

Dynamics 365 Business Central: Sales Prices

Today we are going to talk about sales prices when you are selling an item or a thing, you can put a sales price that automatically pops up on the sales order. You are typing it on the sales order, if it comes to blank then you must put it in all the time. You have a price list hopefully for your items, so you can set it up, so it automatically goes on to the sales order. But, what if it’s a little bit more complicated than that. 

Let's say for example, yes, you do have a price list, buy price for the item is 5 dollars. But for this one customer which buys a lot form you, you give them a 4-dollar price. Can you set that up in business central? can you have a structure? definitely. And we are going to have a look at that day.  

Let's look at a graph, we start with the item and on the item itself, we have sales prices. If you only have one price for every single item that you have, you can just key that in on the item card and it will be perfect. If you have a sales order and a sales line with that item, it will automatically populate the sales price from the item card on to the sales line. That’s the simple test scenario for sales prices.   

When it gets a little bit more complicated than that, we need something else, so then we have a table called sales prices. Here you can actually set up different sales prices for different things, like a different customer, different customer groups etc. For your items. In this case, I have a special customer I want to give a discount to or have a special price for them. So, I tie the customer to that sales price we have both the item and the customer in the sales price table and then the price comes in the sales price table and overwrites the price that we have on the item.   

Special Item Price for a Customer
Let's take a look at the system, if we go into items and I go into my inecta coffee mug, I take a look at the prices in sales, I have here unit price. I’m going to set that up to be 5 dollars. Close that out. I go into sales orders, I’m going to create a new one, to the Adatum Corporation; I don’t have the Cannon group anymore, so Adatum has become my go-to customer in the system; I pick the coffee mug, and we can see here that it comes in at 5 dollars. Its automatically picking up the price from the card as we would expect. Now we want to give the Adatum corporation a better price than the standard price. Let's go ahead and take a look at how that is done.  

I exit out of the sales orders and go back here into the item list, into my coffee mug. Now, I’m going to go ahead and create special prices and discount in here. Create a new special price. Here I’m going to pick a sales-type customer, notice that I can pick all kinds of things, I can say a particular customer, all customers, a particular price group. A campaign, there is a couple of options here. In this case, I’m just picking up the Adatum corporation, I’m not setting up any minimum quantity, I’m just going to give it 4 dollars, they are going to get a dollar off. So, this is my sales prices screen as I showed in the diagram, if I close this out and come back, go back into sales orders, go to the Adatum corporation. I believe I could just click on this sales order and just type in the item again. Inecta coffee mugs, now it comes out for 4 dollars. 

Notice it did not update any prices I already put on the sales order, so the precious price of 5 dollars stays there even though I started giving a new price. If you needed to update all those prices, you need to find those orders that have the old prices and hit update.   

So that is how the sales prices work in business Central. You can also get into discounts, I’m not going to demo that here, but on the item itself you can start setting up special discounts for the item. You can explore that on your own, but at least now you know the structure.



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