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Dynamics 365 Business Central: AI Thoughts

Dynamics 365 Business Central: AI Thoughts

Next week I’m going to be in a session in NAVUG and, by the time this gets thrown into YouTube it will be that week. The session is about Artificial Intelligence, it’s a big topic, but are you really suing it? Or will you use Artificial intelligence, and if you will, when? People are telling you it's going to be the next thing, some people even say that you are just going to need data and there will be no presentation layer, just data, and artificial intelligence, what does that mean? does that mean that the entire Business Central Application goes away? and how far away are we form that?   

So, what I like to do as you have seen in the video, is see what we have right now, what we can use right now.  As you’ve seen with the two videos I’ve done, we have Artificial Intelligence doing a forecast of what the sales are going to be for an Item. Pretty simple stuff and if we take that to the next level, it's going to be a little bit difficult because we have to go into Azure and change the engine. And we did do that in one of the videos. The engine is really complicated, it's sort of like, Microsoft is giving you a shovel in Business Central and then you go, well this is a little bit too small, I need it for something bigger and then they bring a huge truck which Is way too big and this doesn’t seem to be anything in between. So, what do you do? that’s the first problem. We actually do have more problems with that.   

Let's go get to coffee. That is the first problem, we also have the second problem, what are you going to use it for? we have this artificial intelligence that thinks for you.  And you have to go, what can I have it do? it's almost like you need artificial intelligence to figure out what you are going to use artificial Intelligence for.  



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