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Business Central: Item Set up for Production, Pt.1, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Central: Item Set up for Production, Pt.1, Microsoft Dynamics 365

I've been kind of going all over the place with Power Bi, Flows, things that are outside the system or like now, tide into the cloud. But I'd like to get back to meat and potatoes inside Business Central. We might be doing things that I've already done in Dynamics NAV 2018- 17 or 16. But I think its ok to kind of revisit that in these new videos.

Today what I want to do is go into production. We have here a full cloud-enabled system, it has everything, production included, and I did some production videos on 16 – 17 or 18 and I'm just going to start sort of fresh in Business Central, so if you haven't seen the production in Dynamics this is would be great for you, if you have, now you see it in Business Central.

Create a new raw material item
If I go into items, I'm going to create a new item right here and I'm just going to use an item template and I am going to call it Coffee beans. This is just going to be a raw material item and just leave it as it is, not do anything complicated with it. You can see it automatically populates everything that I need, puts in the measure. Let me change it, I'm going to use pounds. I'm here in the USA and we use pounds. The rest of the world I guess is Kilos.

So, coffee beans are in pounds, we are going to do a very simple production. We are going to grind the beans. I'm going to create a new item here and call it ground coffee beans. We are just converting coffee beans to ground coffee. I also want this to be in pounds, base unit measure and now It's setup. Now in order to make this a production system, I will have to create a production Bill of Material. So, I'll go in here and look for that. And create a new one here, if you are used to NAV, you can see this is very similar to NAV setups, same tables etc.

We are going to call this Ground Coffee, the measure is pounds, and this is now new, so I can set up what items I want to use, and I just want to use my coffee beans and there's one and actually there's Is a 10% scrap as we are grinding the coffee beans we lose 10%. And now I just change this to be certified, so this Bill of material is certified and then I want to go back into my item's list.

We have ground coffee and I go into manufacturing policies, this is made to stock and production Bill of material and I select this a Production BOM, and I created an item ground coffee with production Bill of material that has the beans with 10%scrap. This is basically the item setup, so we'll go to next video, we'll go into production order and execute the production order.



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