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115 - Approvals in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 4

Approvals in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 4    

What I wanted to do today is kind of talk about the notifications within approvals. So, with further do, I am just gonna jump right into it.

Notification setup
If I go here in a demo and go to approval users setup, right here, you can notice that we have an email attached to all of the users so, people are notified by email if you want to and it makes sense to set that up. I’m gonna go ahead an I mean take here on notification setup, you can see that the notification is on any new record, we are gonna send an email immediately.

You can actually set this up to have new record approval and it's actually approved, if anything is overdue, etc. and the notification could be a note or email, I’m actually not sure what note is here, but I do know how email works. And then it could be instantly or there could an actual schedule on this but rather than going in detail on this, I’m actually going to show you how to setup the email, because that is the most common. I’d I just close out this, its really good to actually get into the business manager role center because that has like I said before, this links to new things for 2018 and even 17 additions.

SMTP Setup
If I go here into services and extensions and service connections, I have something called SMTP mail setup, so this used to be a setup, actually it still is a setup screen, but its been assembled here into one nice screen all of the setups screens that have to do with service connections, so If I go into just setup of this one, right now, you can see that it's disabled. I want to enable this if I enable the SMTP server, then its gonna send mail so, actually, if you don't know what SMTP is its Send Mail Transfer Protocol.

Here what we want to do is find the server who is sending mail and IF you don't know this, ask your system admin, he would know that, but If you are using office 365 this becomes really easy, all you have to do is apply office 365 server setting and if fill it out for you and just put in the user ID, in this case, demo is the one I use, this is the user that has to authenticate to the Send mail server to allow sending the mail on behalf of the system. So this user has to have rights to send mail. Just like this, hit ok.

Now you can see that it's enabled I could still go in here and say test email setup and it asks me do you want to send a test message?, I’ll just say yes, ok, and then it fires out the test message. Alright so we’ve set up the SMTP and I should have gotten an email on this, so I have here my email box. And here it is, the SMTP mail message. It's all good. Ok.

Now I want to actually do an approval, so I go into the same thing I’ve been doing so far, I have Paul here, I actually have a pending approval right here on this order, so what I’m gonna do is just cancel that approval and send the approval again and see what happens.

So this should fire off at least two emails, one to Paul saying hey, the order is canceled, and then one to Yoko Ono saying, hey you need to approve this or the Demo depending how are the approval chains. So I actually have everything go to the demo email box, because now we have one email on this machine setup, so we should get some emails coming through in just a minute, it takes usually a few seconds for it to fire out the emails it goes probably somewhere far away and then comes back again, especially if it is in the cloud, so we patiently wait here as we’re going through this.

We have here, hello. That is actually the demo account showing that, because I’m an approval administrator so I get always update, so we have something called and requires approve, for Paul McCartney's with request canceled, and for Demo, we actually get that it has been canceled and then that it requires our approval.

So notifications are clearly working and giving a list of things that are happening and there is link here to the order, If you click this it will actually fire out the web client into this order and you can go ahead and approve it there, so if you were like, somewhere on the road and you need to approve this order and you have access to the web client you can basically click this and approve it there.

So this is how we set up the email and I hope this was useful to you and we keep rock and rolling on the approvals for the next video. Thank you.



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