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Digital Transformation Services

Bring your business into the new age of digital reimagination in style.

ERP implementation

State-of-the art ERP software implemented by highly trained and knowledgeable experts.

Managed IT

Transform your IT initiative with the help of caring professionals with years of experience, and the ability to get the job done right.


Happy Customers

“The multi-currency functions, the fact that we can invoice, and receive merchandise in different currencies, and the system is able to manage all of that. That was a huge plus for us.” 

Marilyn Reyes

CFO, Sea Delight

"There was nothing that even was remotely close enough to be able to do the lot tracking and the management that our business needs until we discovered INECTA."

Jason Bellingham

Owner, JBL Foods

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Online courses instructed by INECTA ERP experts with the knowledge you need for success.

Power BI: Fundamentals

Location: Atlanta, GA

Date: TBD

Learn the fundamental of power BI and how it can be used with business central in the intermediate course

iNECTA Produce: Fundamentals

Location: Atlanta, GA

Date: TBD

Learn the fundamentals of iNECTA Produce in Business Central in this vertical specific intermediate course.

Business CentraI: Fundamentals

Location: Atlanta, GA

Date: TBD

Learn the fundamentals and get the big picture by exploring multiple roles (topics) such as: sales, purchasing, inventory management, and basic accounting.

iNECTA Seafood: Fundamentals

Location: Atlanta, GA

Date: TBD

Learn the fundamentals of iNECTA Seafood in Business Central in this vertical specific intermediate course.

Featured Tutorial Videos:

Welcome to iNECTA University

Showcasing new ERP tutorial videos every Tuesday and Thursday. Let's get the most out of your iNECTA System together.


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