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What is a Recipe Configurator?

By Michael Collins, August 12, 2019

Tags: iNECTA Food, Foodservice

A recipe configurator, in the world of ERP, is something that the restaurant industry holds near and dear. For those in the food service industry, a recipe configurator or recipe management solution is vital for making their product with accuracy and efficiency every time. The traditional means for executing a recipe are becoming outdated in an age that demands perfection. A recipe configurator can grant a food service provider inventory accuracy and guide the chef or cook in the process with the software necessary to get the job done with confidence. A recipe configurator helps pave the path to an excellently prepared dish on every attempt.

Once a recipe configurator or recipe management solution is established, the advantages are clear, and the business can reap the benefits. With a proper recipe configurator, kitchens can store recipes in a secured system. Some might be wondering why keeping recipes safe and secure is such a priority for restaurants and food service providers. Well, considering the recipes are the catalysts for the final product, it should be obvious why cooks and chefs want to keep them secure, and out of the hands of competitors. Recipes are susceptible to intellectual property theft, and thus need to be assured of their security. A recipe configurator can be designed to be iron clad, meaning it can abide by a multi-level system of authorization in order to be accessed by the appropriate party. This prevents a recipe information breach if a business’s device is stolen or hacked.

On a more granular level, recipe configurators also help companies within the food service industry standardize processes. This is to serve the consistency of the product’s outcome. The standardization of processes ensures the product will be made correctly every time. This is the core concept behind the recipe configurator. Eliminating risk when following the steps for a recipe is an essential function of the recipe configurator.

Recipes are composed of ingredients, and restaurants need to account for their inventory to ensure they will have the necessary items when it is time to create a dish. A recipe configurator help improve inventory accuracy. The implementation of a recipe configurator immediately enhances the accuracy of inventory reports, giving restaurants to anticipate a shortage of an ingredient far in advance. This saves restaurants and other food service establishments both time and money with an accurate account of the inventory.

Probably most importantly, a recipe configurator bolsters effort regarding compliance. A top-notch recipe configurator ultimately results in better compliance. There’s a lot at stake when dealing with edible products, which means businesses must account for things like nutritional values, food safety regulations, allergen management, and much more.

A recipe configurator can also be used to develop new recipes based on predetermined parameters such as sales price, cost, ingredients, possible substitutions etc. The configurator can take stock of what you have in your inventory and offer suggestions for you to get the most out of the ingredients you have available. If the recipe makes sense for your business, you can add a completely new dish that otherwise would not have been possible due to lack of knowledge. The recipe configurator shines a light on new possibilities for your business.

With iNECTA’s food-specific solutions, the recipe configurator feature offers restaurants and food service establishments peace of mind knowing that their recipes are safe and secure. A recipe configurator, like the one that comes with iNECTA Food’s solution, offers the food service industry the luxury of convenience, precision and security.

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