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FAQ Seafood

What types of seafood companies does inecta work with?

inecta has created customized software solutions specifically for the food industry. We work with manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, farmers and growers in the United States, Canada and companies in Europe. In the Seafood sector, we work with traders, seafood processors, aquaculture companies who are seeking an all-in-one business solution to improve efficiency, manage integrated daily operations; from incoming raw materials, quality control to out-going finished products with full traceability controls.

What size Seafood company is Inecta food designed for?

We believe that any size seafood business that is looking to improve efficiency, reduce duplication and complexity can benefit from inecta software. Inecta offers a range of flexible packages to suit SMBs to large enterprises. Our software is cloud-based, mobile and highly flexible.

What is the average time it takes for implementation?

Implementation does vary dramatically client to client depending on the needs and complexity. On average, we would say that most are completed within 4-8 months, At the start of the project, we work with you to establish the right timeline to meet your business needs and team requirements.

Can Inecta handle catch-weight or variable weights for products?

Definitely. Inecta allows you to buy and sell in different units of measurement including catch-weight or variable weight. For many high-value seafood items, such as salmon, shrimp, lobster and oysters, retailers will price these not by unit but by weight, which will vary.


Selling by variable weight, allows you to charge more for heavier items, which influences both the selling price and profit potential. Inecta lets you track items in two units of measure and buy in bulk at a fixed unit price but sell separate items based on individual weight.

What modules are included in Inecta Food?

We offer four software editions for the Seafood sector - Seafood Trader, Processor, Aquaculture and Fishery Vessel Management. Each solution comes equipped with several standard modules as well as the ability to add-on to the existing system. Check out the best fit for your business here.

How much does Inecta Food cost?

inecta charges a simple price per user based on a monthly subscription for your chosen software edition. We offer three levels of plans for you to choose from, with an entry-level package for as few as five users; ideal for a trader or wholesaler who might buy and sell with no further processing. Through to more advanced functionality including EDI, B2B portal for SMB’s and larger enterprises. Initial implementation costs vary based on business size and complexity.


Contact sales@inecta.com for more information.

What makes inecta different from other software companies?

inecta is a privately owned software company that started back in 2001. For the last twenty years, our talented team has been empowered to go the extra mile for clients making Inecta a positive work environment where people stay for the long-term.


Approximately half of our total team of over sixty people are involved in business innovation, software design & engineering for the food industry. We launched our flagship product inecta Food around two years ago, as a smart, modern software solution with none of the baggage of old-school ERP.


What this means for our clients is fast turnarounds on projects, in-depth software know-how and a true understanding of how to apply this knowledge to food industry requirements. Our motto is ‘Helping companies find their sweet spot.’ We think you’ll enjoy the difference. Contact us at sales@inecta.com to find out more.