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FAQ Produce

What type of produce can inecta Produce be used with?

All kinds of produce; from leafy greens, nuts, tree fruits, root vegetables, soft fruits such as blueberries or strawberries can implement and benefit from our customized software for produce growers, packers/shippers, distributors or traders.

Does inecta have track and trace functionality? Can it help us achieve Produce Traceability Initiative compliance?

Yes, inecta provides the traceability and labeling functionality needed to achieve the standardized, electronic format for the Produce Traceability Initiative compliance. Two common pieces of information are required to appear on each case of produce – the GTIN number and the lot number.


inecta enables you to trace by Lot, Pallet and GTIN number. This case code can be read electronically by everyone in the supply chain, enabling companies to quickly identify where the product came from and where it was shipped.

How does a Mock Recall work using Inecta?

We understand how important fruit or vegetable traceability is in the event of a real food recall. Before any new client goes live on the system we will take you through the steps of how to perform a mock recall, to ensure you are ready and confident.


inecta is highly flexible, our clients have the freedom to choose what ingredient or lot attributes to capture, making it easy to customize the system to meet your specific needs. Ask for a demo of a mock recall scenario at your product demonstration and get the assurance you and your customers need.

How easy is it to use in practice, as many of our team operate remotely not at a desk?

One of the big advantages of inecta is how simple it is to use. Many of our customers who have experienced other ERP software tell us, that their team found inecta's cloud-based system easy to use and the connectivity between different functions intuitive.


Remote working or away from a desk? Our software is designed to be used on hand-held devices whether you need to be. Whether receiving incoming goods or performing QC checks, your team scans this information directly into the system, updating inventory and status in real-time.

What specific functionality is included in the inecta ERP solution for Produce?

We offer a wide variety of tailored solutions for the Produce industry. From grower management, field and greenhouse modules through to packing and distribution, our ERP specialists can help you find the best fit for your business. Each solution comes equipped with several standard modules as well as the ability to add-on to the existing system.

How does inecta automate the ordering process from end to end?

inecta really is a one-stop-shop for the whole Produce supply chain. There are many automations available throughout different areas of the system. These include but are not limited to; OCR for automatic invoicing, Customer and Vendor portals for order creation and information transfer between our customers and their supply/customers, EDI for automatic order creation, rate shopping and information transfers to our customers 3PLs and freight forwards and more. Customers also utilize our scanning capabilities in the warehouse and production floor for more accurate and more automated inventory management.