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FAQ Getting Started

We already have software that we use in our business, why would we need a specialized food ERP system?

Many companies have different types of software particularly for accounting and finance functions; however, these often work in silos, meaning that data entry is often duplicated. inecta software is highly specialized in two ways.


Firstly, our vertical solutions are created with extensive involvement from existing clients to develop a best-in-class approach addressing the challenges and requirements of each. Secondly, we drill down to provide specific functionality by sub-sector, delivering unmatched expertise that is both wide and deep.

As the lead for our company, I am concerned about how to bring my colleagues on board with changing software? What support will inecta provide?

Good question. We understand that change of any kind can be daunting for many. The inecta team is very experienced and guided support is there from start to finish. From discovery through to launch, a dedicated team of consultants and developers will work alongside you to integrate inecta into your business processes. We know how important good communication is, so we set up your own MS Teams channel connecting everyone on the project.

Our business is changing rapidly. How can we be sure that the software will be flexible to change with us?

inecta is highly flexible and because it is a cloud-based solution, there is no hardware to maintain. At inecta, we believe that increased digitalization through the Internet of Things (IoT) will help food companies become more efficient. Talk to our experienced software team about what your connected future could look like.

We are looking to expand internationally, does inecta support different languages?

Inecta supports multi-languages. Each user has the option to set a language preference. This allows users to see the same database in the language they prefer.

What devices are supported by inecta?

All Android-powered and IOS-powered devices are supported by inecta.

Can it be used without an internet connection or cellular reception?

On-Premises versions of our solution may operate offline, however, Cloud-based solutions require an internet connection. We do have an “Online-first” app that allows the Sales team and delivery persons to create transactions offline and upload them to the system once an internet connection is available.

Can inecta set up centralized document management like a company intranet, that can be accessed by authorized users across business units?

Yes. inecta recommends implementing Microsoft SharePoint since it is already fully integrated, however, we can integrate with other document management platforms or develop one for you.