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FAQ About inecta

Who is inecta?

inecta is a software company founded in 2001 by our CEO Johannes Gudmundsson specializing in innovative ERP technology to the Food, Produce and Seafood sectors via our flagship software product inecta Food. Inecta is proud to be both a Microsoft Gold certified ERP Partner and Direct Cloud Solution provider, helping food companies of all sizes grow their business through digital transformation.

How many people work for inecta? Where are you based?

With offices in New York (HQ), Miami, Atlanta, Vancouver, Sydney, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Iceland, Mexico, Brazil and New Delhi, we have a global team of 100+ members dedicated to helping our clients, with extensive experience in the food and beverage industry. 

What does 'certified Microsoft Gold ERP Partner' mean?

Certified ‘Gold’ signals that inecta has been awarded the highest standard of accreditation by Microsoft for ERP software. By working with an established Gold service provider, your company benefits from the expert knowledge and technical know-how of an established Microsoft partner. Inecta is proud to have achieved a gold standard for over 15 years.

How does inecta differ from other ERP systems?

inecta is a privately owned software company that started back in 2001. For the last twenty years, our talented team has been empowered to go the extra mile for clients making Inecta a positive work environment where people stay for the long-term.

Approximately half of our total team of over eighty people are involved in business innovation, software design & engineering for the food industry. We launched our flagship product ‘inecta Food’ around three years ago, as a smart, modern software solution with none of the baggage of old-school ERP.

What this means for our clients is fast turnarounds on projects, in-depth software know-how and a true understanding of how to apply this knowledge to food industry requirements. Our motto is ‘Helping companies find their sweet spot.’ We think you’ll enjoy the difference. Contact us at sales@inecta.com to find out more.

What if our business needs change, how flexible is inecta?

inecta is highly flexible, our vertical packages offer a suite of features designed for your industry. Need custom functionality? Our software specialists can create and implement a tailored ERP solution for you.

What other software is inecta compatible with?

inecta is compatible and already fully integrated into all Microsoft cloud products. inecta Food can also integrate with any software with an open API.

How much will it cost to implement inecta Food ERP?

inecta charges a simple price per user based on a monthly subscription for your chosen software edition. We offer three levels of plans for you to choose from, with an entry-level package at 10 users; ideal for a trader or wholesaler who might buy and sell with no further processing. Through to more advanced functionality including EDI, B2B portal for SMB’s and larger enterprises. Initial implementation costs vary based on business size and complexity. Contact sales@inecta.com for more information.