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Vaccine Development for Coronavirus is The New Race Between Leading Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Companies

The pandemic of coronavirus is not taking a stop and practically all the countries in the world, in one way or another are being affected by it. The prolonged lockdown is not an option for the ...

The Covid-19 Vaccine Testing Begins, Three Candidates Licensed by Tonix Pharmaceuticals

The pandemic of coronavirus halted the functioning of almost the whole world, the industries stopped working, the educational institutes closed for an indefinite amount of time and the hospitals came ...

Coronavirus Treatment Retraction Shows the Life Sciences Are Too Often ‘A House Built on Sand’

Recently, in a press conference, President Donald Trump said; Hydroxychloroquine might be the treatment of COVID-19. He was referring to the study published in a peer-reviewed journal. After getting ...

Are More Nutraceutical Makers Turning to Pharmaceutical-Grade Equipment?

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries have a lot in common, they both share almost the same delivery system i.e. Pills, tablets, gels etc.

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