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ERP for Cannabis Industry

By Michael Collins, July 2, 2019

Tags: GreenLeaf 365, Cannabis

The cannabis industry is in a state of flux at the moment, and its apparent growth and expansion has called for a higher level of processing and distribution. In response to this need, ERP solutions have been utilized to accommodate the cannabis boom, offering companies some necessary aid in process management. There is no sign of the industry slowing down, and growers, processors and distributors are coping with the same business challenges as any other distribution-centric industry. Things like easy access to inventory, pricing data, compliance mandates, financial reports and much more are invaluable for the cannabis industry.

An ERP solution like GreenLeaf 365 can help cannabis companies meet the demand and ensure the sustainability of their product for years to come. The solution offers unparalleled functionality and vital insight into the business allowing the company to make decisions with the full scope in consideration. The GreenLeaf solution is designed to minimize any risk involved in growth, packing and shipping the product to the customer, giving the business peace of mind knowing they are maximizing their output while maintaining stability throughout the process.

The cannabis industry deals with a considerable amount of unknowns and questionable variables. As such, businesses struggle to anticipate these variables and react accordingly due to a lack of knowledge or sheer data to supplement an educated decision. It seems like a natural progression. When a cannabis company becomes too large to handle through traditional methods, an ERP solution like GreenLeaf can be the necessary aid to bring the company up-to-speed with the tools they need.

GreenLeaf 365 has earned the reputation of being a leader in managing cannabis companies, assessing the biggest obstacles facing the industry as a whole and highlighting the trends surrounding cannabis. By working directly with the growers, processors and distributors, we are able to meet their expectations and help them make their marks with ease. Our knowledgeable professionals are well versed in the ins and outs of the cannabis industry and they know what makes it tick. Gaining an eagle’s eye view of the business is valuable for any type of business. But for an industry as expansive and as enterprising as the cannabis industry, gaining a foothold on the inner workings of your business could not be more critical. With an ERP solution that works, the sky is the limit, and a business can expand while maintaining the current operation.

With an ERP solution like GreenLeaf 365, processes that typically were mired in complexity and inaccuracy are streamlined with precision for your ultimate convenience. Whether you are a grower, processor or dispenser, our solution can elevate your business by grappling with the processes that are currently weighing you down and keep your business from growing both literally and figuratively. 



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