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Glass Shortages Causing Beverage Industry Freeze Amidst Holidays

By George Nielsen, December 30, 2021


The holidays are here, and the demand for beverages is rising more than ever before. The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us, and the demand for quality drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) has caused a worldwide shortage of glass and glass bottles due to supply chain disruptions around the world.

While the disruptions are hardly headlines, the industry has been struggling under the weight of shortages for months now. Customers are now looking for new ways and paying higher prices simply to enjoy the beverages that they love as the season goes on ⸺ which is allowing new opportunities for growth to be illuminated to business owners.

In this article, we explore the impact the beverage industry has on the supply chain, as well as the effects of the disruption throughout the consumer market. We’ll also be exploring different ways that ERP software can help streamline your business process.

How Much Does the Beverage Industry Impact Global Consumer Markets?
According to Nationwide, the global food and beverage market is projecting growth to 7.5 trillion dollars in 2023. This type of growth directly impacts and translates to citizen job creation and additional opportunities for individuals worldwide in order to meet the current demands. When setbacks and supply chain disruptions occur to this level, it can significantly impact the company’s ability to maintain and create new job opportunities. Meaningful profit isn’t attained when shortages are this extreme, and limits buyer purchasing options which directly impacts the profitability of the company.

The simple solution to this issue would be to have businesses pivot to a new type of glass or other material used throughout the manufacturing process. This is far easier said than done, however, as the transition can impact every component of the business’ procurement and sales process.

According to DataUSA, the beverage industry has experienced a period of rapid growth throughout the course of 2021, with numbers showing a 22.7% increase in employment and hiring compared to previous years. The field is expected to see a 5.7% growth at a minimum over the next 10 years and has approximately 275,000 employees in the field.

How Can ERP Software Help Your Business?
While businesses can’t control the dynamic demands and changes that the industry weathers, they can optimize their own internal processes in order to have the best experience possible for both team members and consumers. No matter what area of the beverage industry you serve, Inecta’s software solutions can help you to fulfill and exceed your stakeholder expectations. Below are just a few of the ways that Inecta’s cloud-based ERP software can help your business and team members.

Enhance connectivity between departments
The foundation of efficiency in your business is the establishment of connectivity between every single one of your departments. From procurement and manufacturing to sales, you need to have full visibility and play with every area of the process. Few ERP solutions offer accurate and easy-to-use visualization of this, which is where Inecta can help.

With our software’s Business Central, you can easily visualize all aspects of your business and the current efficiency of each. This can help drive and inform your strategic decision-making process and help you to act quickly throughout any pivots that are needed. You can eliminate miscommunications or areas of confusion by implementing a clear, accessible central hub for your team to reference.

Recipe management for beverage quality control
Your product’s quality is its largest asset. For that reason, many businesses operate out of several databases and CRMs to ensure that the recipes are properly stored and reference. Inecta realizes the power that a centralized system can bring to a business and to your manufacturing team.

We’ve taken proprietary technology and partnered with Microsoft to create a user-friendly recipe storage area that is easy to use for quick reference and cloud-based storage.

Improved traceability for your products
With Inecta’s software, you can enjoy enhanced traceability that allows you to track your products in real-time. From formation to shipment, you can get clear visuals that can show where your products are currently located.

If for whatever reason you are audited or items must be reviewed for a recall, you can easily determine the correct proper steps to take and work more efficiently throughout the process. Traceability and transparency are critical to building trust in your area of expertise, and Inecta is here to support you.

Inecta Is Committed to Your Business’ Success
Your business deserves to have strategic decisions informed by the most accurate data you can find. Inecta is an industry leader that has been providing businesses in the food and beverage industry with software solutions for over twenty years. Learn more about our beverage ERP software


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Free Valuable Resource!

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Free Valuable Resource!

3 simple steps to find your Food ERP

*We will never sell your information. Keeping your data and privacy secure is our highest concern.