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Inecta Helps UK or ANZ Food Production Business Scale & Streamline Operations

After having great success with food manufacturers and distributors in North America, Inecta has expanded its reach to ...

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The Tech Impact on Food and Drink

The current pandemic has spurred food producers to find better ways of keeping up with the demand created by shortages ...

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Imported Seafood Industry Suffering from COVID-19 Outbreak Rumors in China

China has begun to halt shipments of salmon from Europe after it was alleged that the industry was linked to a new ...

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Changes in Food Industry in Post Pandemic World

The pandemic of coronavirus affected practically every industry of the world in one way or another. Lack of workers due ...

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ERP, The Critical Need of Your Business

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning can be considered as a technical art. Gartner, in 1990 defined it as “the ability ...

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