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Inecta Sales: Top Benefits

Save time with faster order entries

For sales reps that have to enter hundreds of orders a day, Inecta Food Sales dramatically speeds up your order entry process. Automatically generate sales orders from emails, phone calls, and messaging apps with the help of your own built-in AI assistant.


Use the Order Guide

Stay on top of customer needs and increase sales. Inecta Food Sales' Order Guide provides suggestions based on each customer's history. It's tied to live inventory and allows you to exclude billed inventory.


Stay informed with P&L

Easily drill down in your data to get a better understanding of your most profitable items, salespeople, regions, and customers. Keep track of multiple items using grouping. 


Connect with EDI

Accept and return electronic documents with ease using EDI. Accelerate your supply chain with direct connections to your customers and vendors, or connect via a trusted Value-Added Network.


Reduce waste and get more orders filled.

Inecta Food Sales allow you to have a more synergistic connection between Sales and Warehousing. Knowing what's available and what's coming allows you to fulfill more orders and increases overall customer satisfaction. Your customers will love you for it!

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