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Financial Management Features

Completely Integrated to Subledgers

The GL ledger is completely integrated with all subledgers so transactions are reflected within the Chart of Account Balances as they are posted.


Robust Financial Reporting - Account Schedules

The Account Schedule and Advanced Account Schedule reporting engine allows for user configured financial reporting. This allows for comparing data year after year as well as report comparisons with multiple budgets.


Dimension Tags and Dimensional Companies

The Dimension Tags brings additional tools to reporting and analysis. Transactions tagged with Dimensions in the subledger can be reported against and analysed in the GL level. Companies can use this Dimenaion functionality in order to incorporate multiple Companies into 1 global company. The result is the visibility of Inventory data that belongs to multiple companies without having to change companies.


Fixed Assets

Best in class Fixed Assets functionality that also allows for maintenance and insurance valuations. A Depreciation Book that is integrated with the GL as well as Additional Depreciation Books (i.e. for Tax purposes) are part of the functionality. The Fixed Asset records can be integrated with our Maintenance Management Functionality.


Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is integrated with Inventory and Non-Inventory Items. Bank Linking allows for payments made in Inecta Food to be automatically sent to the Bank (i.e. ACH, positive pay).


Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is integrated with Inventory and Non-Inventory Items. Bank Linking allows for Customer Payment Receipts to be received automatically from the Bank. This allows for a more efficient Reconciliation process.


Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting Functionality that can be configured independent of Financial Accounting needs.



One Team. One Integrated Solution.

Inecta connects all your departments in a single easy-to-use interface.


Additional Financial Management Features


Multi-Currency functionality is built-in to Inecta Food. You can use transactional currencies independent of Reporting currency.

Intercompany Transactions

Intercompany transactions can be accommodate using traditional Intercompany functionality AND/OR Dimensional Company functionality.

Financial Budgeting

Financial Budgets can be used with Financial reporting to allow reporting of Actuals vs. multiple Budgets.

Recurring Journals

Recurring Journal Entries can be set according fixed or variable parameters; Whether it auto-reversing; and whether or not the recurring lines are allocations.

Posting Automation

Job Queues can be set up to automate posting of Journal Entries, Batches, etc.


Approval workflows can be used on Journal Entries.

Customers working with
Inecta Financial Management


Looking at other systems was painful. Once we found INECTA, everything fell into place.

Jason Bellingham, owner of JBL Foods

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