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Traceability Software For The Meat Industry

By George Nielsen , 

With 7.2% growth in USA alone Meat is growing thick and fast globally bringing into play competition and more stringent regulations. In the advent of Covid 19 food safety has become of paramount importance. It is imperative now for meat producers to keep track of sourcing, transportation and sales channels to ensure quality control and transparency. Lack of traceability can lead to spoiled meat with serious health repercussions and fraudulent finances.

A traceability software can cater to all the above concerns quickly and efficiently. With meat traceability meat producers can mitigate risk and make the supply chain lean and effective.

Inecta’s meat traceability software helps meat producers keep track of where the meat was procured from, how was it sourced or farmed and the routes and temperatures in which it was transported to the market. Players in the meat production industry can leverage this software to tell their customers exactly where the meat came from to gain consumer confidence and boost sales.

In this article we explore what a meat traceability software is, how it helps meat producers around the world and how Inecta’s premiere technology is a good fit for meat traceability in your company.

What is Meat Traceability Software?

Meat traceability software is a software application to trace meat right back to its origin by leveraging state of the art technology to streamline the supply chain.

Food safety is the cornerstone to attain consumer confidence. Using meat traceability software, the source and sourcing techniques can be quoted to the customer thereby eliminating all consumer concerns. Quality control and operational efficiency can both be achieved with the help of meat traceability software killing two birds with one stone.

How does Meat Traceability Software Help Meat Producers?

With Meat traceability software meat producers can track meat throughout the supply chain using RFID tagging and bar codes. The meat traceability software will identify buffaloes using RFID tagging and meat using bar code. Each meat crate will then be attached with a bar code. The barcode has data stored with respect to each crate which once scanned will reveal data points. The process for this is simple: the recorded data includes the name of the farmer, the weight of the meat, the date and time, and the location where it was caught. The farmer receives a receipt, and all of the information is kept.

The bar code can also help track meat from the procurement stage itself right until it reaches the customer’s plate. All meat related grievances are scanned, stored and solved as and when they arise hence assuring the consumer receives the meat fresh and in time hence attaining customer satisfaction.

How does Inecta’s ERP help Meat Producers?

Inecta a Microsoft gold certified partner offers a cloud-based ERP solution specifically designed for the meat processing industry. We offer flexible need-based subscriptions tailor-made to your business requirements irrespective of the scale you operate at. Inecta uses Microsoft's latest technology to streamline and simplify the supply chain of meat producers at a global scale. Inecta’s Meat producing software offers the tools to trace and track all products back to their origins. These tools can be leveraged by meat processors, producers and distributors operating at all scales of production.

To speak volumes let us look at what Inecta’s ERP brings to the table for Meat Producers:

1) Quality Control
By conducting automated quality test at every stage of production quality control is at the core of Inecta’s ERP. These tests help meat producers to ensure meat is fresh and adheres to all standards established by regulatory authorities around the globe.

2) Grievance Handling
With meat traceability software meat producers can trace any stale/expired meat right back to its lot and batch number. Each meat crate has a bar code which when scanned can reveal the lot and batch in which the meat was manufactured. Hence meat producer can dispose off the entire lot/batch that was stale before it reaches the consumer’s plate. This ensures only fresh quality meet reaches a customers plate.

3) Transport Management System (TMS)
Inecta’s ERP has a Transport Management System (TMS) feature to manage transport from source to customer’s plate. Meat producers can leverage TMS to get real time data about where the meat is which can be shared with customers to eliminate any concerns. Not only this helps in setting delivery deadlines but also ensures meat is fresh when it reaches the market.

4) Warehouse Management system (WMS)
Storage is one of the biggest challenges meat producers have to face to provide good quality fresh meat. Inecta’s ERP caters to this with a warehouse management system feature. This feature enables the meat producer to know the stock of meat in storage and in transit at real time basis. It not only ensures freshness of meat but also automates stock updates so cases of overstock and under-stock can be avoided with changes in demand.

5) Reporting and Finance
Many companies still use paper for the purpose of reporting and accounting. This method is error prone and slow and can halt the operations of a meat producer. With Inecta’s ERP reporting and financing are automated thereby ensuring timely and accurate reporting so that meat producers can take informed decisions in time.

Inecta’s Meat Traceability Software is a Global Meat Traceability Solution developed to help meat producers meet customer demand for product traceability. A Meat producer knows that customers want to know where their meat is coming from, but it's not always easy to keep track of them!

However, with most Meat processing Solutions, you can quickly fill out an online form and the system will automatically assign them a unique traceable number.

Do You Work in The Meat Producing Industry?

As your time is valuable, we at Inecta have ensured all our products and services are readily available with a user-friendly interface.

We are a one stop solution for all your meat ERP requirements through our cutting-edge technology which is easy to use and reliable. We ensure your focus is on scaling up your company while we accommodate that growth behind the scenes. With a 24/7 365 days support team at your service, we worry about the smooth flow of your operations so that you don’t have to.

If there ever does happen to be an issue with one of our products or services, rest assured knowing that any problems will be fixed within hours - not days or weeks like other companies might offer! We genuinely believe in putting customers first, which we show daily with our client-forward thinking and problem-solving solutions.

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