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Food & Lot Traceability Software - A Must-Have

By George Nielsen, 

Lot Traceability is one of the most important features available to food businesses of any kind. In a day and age where health and health consciousness are of paramount importance, food businesses MUST reassure their customers that their product is safe and have the proof to back up that claim.

Regardless of how efficient or safe you may think your production line is, there is always going to be a looming threat of contamination. The biggest mistake food businesses make is assuming their current safety procedures and protocols are sufficient defense against the threat of an outbreak. This false sense of assurance is unfortunately how many food businesses learn the hard way that they need to install proper lot traceability software that can track every ingredient that goes into their product at every stage of the supply chain.

Without this tool, food manufacturers and businesses are leaving themselves entirely exposed, and defenseless when they encounter a contaminant within their supply chain. Having capable lot traceability means having 100% visibility into your supply chain. This level of visibility allows food businesses to isolate a particular lot within minutes or even seconds, cutting off a potential outbreak at the root. The impact of this type of functionality cannot be overstated. When it comes to the health and trust of your customer base, you cannot leave anything to chance.

Is It Necessary? 

Yes. The reputation of your entire business is at stake. The ability to trace-forwards and trace backward within your supply chain significantly improves your business’s ability to minimize the damaging effects of a product recall due to contamination. Dependable lot traceability allows businesses to immediately pick out certain batches, pallets, or crates that contain compromised products and swiftly remove them from the supply chain before they reach the end consumer. In doing so, you could potentially be saving your business countless dollars as a result of a devastating product recall.

Lot Traceability with Food ERP

The ticket to full lot traceability is with a trusted and reputable food ERP solution. Inecta's Food ERP lot traceability functionality is designed specifically to service the food industry and provide businesses with peace of mind knowing they are equipped with highly capable lot traceability. With Inecta Food, your business is entitled to a full suite of features designed to streamline multiple facets of your operation, but perhaps none more important than lot traceability. Inecta Food leveraged years of experience working with food companies dealing with product recalls creating a lot traceability feature that is both effective and seamless.

Make Your Food Business Synonymous with Safety

Food businesses and Food Traceability must be synonymous terms. The only way food businesses can ensure the services of this crucial feature is by acquiring Inecta Food. Once fully installed, food businesses are reinforced with forwards and backward traceability. This means customers can seamlessly track and isolate any item or lot anywhere within the supply chain. It doesn’t matter where in the supply chain the tainted product is, capable lot traceability can identify the lot regardless of whether it has left the factory site or if it’s in transit across the country in a shipping container.

Snuff Out Contamination at the Root

Lot Traceability powered by the Inecta Food solution allows users to swiftly isolate any compromised or contaminated lot anywhere in the supply chain, minimizing the risk of potential outbreaks. With Inecta Food’s Lot Traceability feature, businesses are well-armed against the ever-looming threat of product contamination. Arming your business with the gift of insight is your best defense against a potential outbreak that could cost your business millions of dollars, and loss of trust from customers.

From Receipt to Delivery

Track all the materials related to your product from receipt generation to the delivery of the final product.

Pinpoint Accuracy 

Quickly determine, isolate, and retrieve potentially contaminated goods long before it reaches the customer.

Lightning Speed 

Expedite the recall process and get your production back up and running in no time.

Optimize Governance, Drive Compliance 

Keep your production organized and compliant with a multitude of governing bodies such as SQF / HACCP / GFSI / FSMA, as well as allergen tracking requirements.

Ultimate Flexibility 

Choose which exact attributes to track, keep tabs on your most sensitive lots to promote strong visibility.

Manage Documentation

Manage documentation for smooth audits and mock product recalls.

Decrease Risk, Increase Productivity

Minimize the overall risk associated with foodborne contamination and illness and focus on growing your business by focusing on what matters most to your customers—the product.

Full Measure Safety for Your Customers’ Sake 

In this uncertain time, food companies need to do all that they can to ensure the trust of their customers. There’s nothing more effective than enabling reliable lot traceability to guarantee you’re accumulating customer trust. Inecta Food’s lot traceability feature allows businesses to breathe easier knowing they have tighter control over their supply chain with peak visibility. Inecta Food customers can leverage the information provided by the lot traceability feature to make high-impact decisions with confidence and precision. It’s better to have the information regarding a potential outbreak to be preventative rather than merely cleaning up the mess after the fact. Outbreaks and recalls are costly. That’s why it’s important to bolster your business's defenses against outbreaks of any kind with the help of cutting-edge lot traceability technology as part of the Inecta Food solution. Keep your products in pristine order by offering your business unmatched insight into your lots with strong lot traceability.

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