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Customer Testimonial



Carnos is a family owned and operated raw pet food company located in Maryland. Hailing from 7 generations of Dutch butchers: they’re raw meat experts. They carry a line of truly raw pet food products made with all-natural ingredients from responsible sources. Never any fillers, grains, gluten, nitrates, or preservatives. 

We spoke with Carnos' CEO, Zachary Beukers, about their experience with inecta Food ERP.

“Our business runs better from top-to-bottom.”

“It is amazing how much quicker information is relayed between divisions/personnel. Everything is real-time! Previously, we had three systems communicating and this caused significant delays in getting simple tasks completed. With Inecta, we are all in the same system with live updates. We also have improved inventory control, manufacturing, and QC capabilities. inecta has provided my company with a clearer picture of where we stand.”

“Built for the Food Industry”

“The fact that this was built for the food industry and not one size fits all like your competition. Sounds simple but it really is this simple.”

“Improved lot tracking!”

“This has really made our lives better. This is a major help considering our industry is taking this to another level. The speed and accuracy at which we can do a traceability exercise is like no other."

“Everything in one location”

"The fact that everything is in one location – manufacturing, sales, inventory, accounting – has also drastically improved the way we do business.”

“90% of what we need to do financially is automated”

"inecta has also improved our financial workflows. Before we had to rely on APIs to communicate between multiple systems to gather financial data. With BC it all sits in one home and makes it seamless from receiving, storage, production, to accounting.

We have a more accurate insight into the health of our company and 90% of what we need to do financially is automated. Really has cut down on man hours with redundant data entry."

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