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If you’re looking to create an attractive and functional eCommerce website, Magento is the platform of choice. By combining Magento Community Edition with the functional prowess of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the result is a complete eCommerce solution that can fuel real, measurable growth.

Why should you connect your ERP to Ecommerce?

There are a whole range of benefits to be harvested from integrating NAV and Magento. Reap significant savings in your operational costs, increase sales and improve your customer’s experience. Create loyalty and encourage repeat sales by building customer relationships online.

Here’s our top reasons to integrate Magento with NAV:

  • Reduce your overhead costs: Maintaining a separate eCommerce store as well as NAV can cause significant staff overhead and operational costs. This is because you are doing everything twice. You have two inventory databases, two sets of customer data, and possibly a costly file transfer process between them that causes customer headaches with latency in order fulfilment because of it.

    When Magento Community Edition and NAV are integrated you get a streamlined sales and order management process with no latency and a synchronized data set. You’ll very quickly start to see a ROI from your reductions on operational costs. Not only that, but your customers will be delighted by the quick turnaround times and increased transparency.
  • Build customer profiles for targeted marketing & sales: Let’s face it - data analysis has become fundamental in modern marketing. Where once marketers could target customers only by their age, gender or industry if B2B, having NAV integrated to Magento ensures you can report on the best quality data: purchase history, payment history, payment terms, contact preferences, browsing history even. Your sales team, once armed with high quality insightful data can ensure they are targeting the right people with the right products, your marketers can drive customized and focused marketing campaigns.
  • Omnichannel agility: Businesses sell across multiple channels - often at the expense of the user experience. Customers today can browse on mobile phones, cart items on their tablets, complete orders on their laptops. B2C businesses are typically using retail, online, mobile and social media as sales channels. B2B businesses are typically availing of most of these too.

    Integration between Magento and NAV enables customers to have the same experience regardless of the channel.  NAV powers the information, inventory and customer data; Magento is the attractive, search-engine optimized presentation layer that customers love to interact with.
  • Centralized Product Management: Having centralized product management is critical to supporting omnichannel ordering. NAV and Magento integration ensures that your inventory is always accurate for you and for your customers. Without integration, businesses run the risk of either over-selling or under-selling inventory.

    When Magento and NAV are used hand-in-hand, you can fully maximize the strengths of each system. Magento is an excellent content management system, that includes product catalog management with excellent image management features, along with NAV’s powerful inventory management and order fulfilment. This also assists businesses in doing detailed reporting, and harnessing the true potential of both systems.

Important features

Multi-site, common backend: A major feature of Magento Community Edition that is hard to find elsewhere is its ability to allow you to run multiple eCommerce sites sitting on a common backend. Want a retail store, a wholesale store or independent sites for your different brands? Magento has you covered.

Multiple store views: This technology flexibly allows you to create different views of your store based on different criteria. Are you an international business? You can have an adapted view for each language you need to present. Want to create a wholesale only view? No problem.

Customer Accounts: Account dashboard, address book with unlimited addresses, wish list with ability to add comments, order status and history, re-orders from account, recently ordered items, default billing and shipping addresses, email or send RSS feed of wish list, newsletter subscription management, product reviews submitted, product tags submitted, downloadable/digital products.

Customer Data Sync: With integration to NAV, Magento customer data persists into NAV, giving you a synchronized source of customer data for your marketing, sales and operational purposes.

Persistent shopping cart: You’ll never have to worry about customers falling out of the sales funnel when you have Magento Community Edition. Persistent shopping cart ensures that whether the registered, logged in customer switches device, or simply comes back later, their shopping cart will still contain what they have previously added. Within Magento you can customize how long you want items to remain in their cart, before being released for other customers to order.

Powerful pricing: Magento has a powerful pricing engine that allows you to create huge varieties of offers, tiered discounts, promotional pricing, even create virtual products with bundled pricing composed of product units from NAV. Retail pricing, wholesale pricing, couponing and much much more.

Marketing and sales: Run polls, send newsletters, share socially on Facebook, create wish lists, google API for shopping, email products or wish lists to a friend, search engine friendly URLs, as well as customizable URLs, search engine optimized website designs, promotional tools for new products, support downloadable products and lots more.

Catalog and product browsing: offer simple, bundled and grouped products, present layered navigation for filtering of products, filter by price, compare products with history, do auto-suggest searching, see recently viewed products, view multiple images per product, image zoom, related products upsell and more.

Checkout, payment and shipping: One-page checkout, guest checkout and checkout with account to use address book, shipping to multiple addresses in one order, account creation at beginning of checkout, SSL security support for orders on both frontend and backend, saved shopping cart, accept gift messages per order and per item, shopping cart with tax and shipping estimates, saved credit card method for offline payments, configurable to authorize and charge, or authorize only and charge on creation of invoices, integration with multiple PayPal gateways, integration with Authorize.net, accept checks/money orders, accept purchase orders, additional payment extensions available through Magento Connect, offer Bill Me Later as a payment option, shipping integration with label printing - view, edit, print labels for all major carriers, integrated for real-time shipping rates from UPS, UPS XML (account rates), FedEx (account rates), USPS and DHL, ability to specify allowed destination countries per method, flat rate shipping per order or item, free shipping, table rates for weight, sub-total, destination and number of items, on-site order tracking from customer accounts.

Customer Service: Contact us form, create and edit orders from the admin panel, feature-rich customer accounts, order history with status updates, order tracking from account, password reset email from front-end and admin panel, order and account update emails, customizable transactional emails. 

Unifying Magento with Dynamics NAV results in a powerful combination that will become the driving operational force of your company. With so many integration choices to be made, you can achieve all your aims when implemented by experts who can guide you seamlessly through the integration process.

If you are considering integrating your implementation of Dynamics NAV with Magento, contact Inecta - a Microsoft Gold Certified partner - to discuss your needs and requirements and see how we can transform your online presence, harness the benefits and advantages of both systems and boost your business to prosperity and beyond.

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