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  • Keep food manufacturing and distribution fresh, fast and safe
  • Food Costing, Food Safety, Grower Accounting, Finance, Warehouse, Dashboards, BI
  • Powered by Microsoft Dynamics
  • Starting at $145/mo. per user



Recipe Configurator

With iNECTA Food's innovative solution, you can access the recipe configurator which offers business's the ability to make the perfect dish every time. In addition, the recipe configurator can take stock of what ingredients are necessary for every dish on the menu, and even notify the user when the ingredient is running low. Perfect your menu with the recipe configurator provided by the iNECTA Food solution.



Food processing and manufacturing is significantly elevated through the iNECTA Food solution. With iNECTA's food industry specific solution, customers can manage production accurately through batch processing and consolidation. The solution integrates production data throughout multiple departments, offering your business streamlined production and efficient distribution.


Quality Control / Food Safety

Maintaining the quality of your product is of paramount importance. To that end, iNECTA Food's solution is designed to keep your business on the up and up, giving customers peace of mind knowing their products are fresh and safe. iNECTA is committed to keeping your product safe through extensive tracking and accountability.



With iNECTA Food, your business's purchasing operations will be significantly elevated. As a member of the procurement department, iNECTA Food's cutting-edge solution offers single-screen functionality to conduct your purchasing processes with ease. Optimize your purchasing capabilities with the iNECTA Food solution.



Jumpstart your company's sales operations with iNECTA Food's unmatched ERP solution. With an industry-specific design, your business can elevate its sales operations to new heights with the help of iNECTA Food. See how your sales efforts can be significantly improved with iNECTA.



iNECTA's food-specific solution offers businesses elevated reporting capabilities by streamlining processes. With the iNECTA Food solution, customers can leverage power BI dashboards with the ability to access reports from anywhere, from any device. Raise the bar for your reporting efforts with the help of iNECTA.


Customer & Vendor Portal

The Customer and Vendor Portals are fantastic features that come with the iNECTA Food solution. With the Vendor Portal, you can leverage operations like inputting your available inventory and prices and allow vendors to print out labels to place on the products before being shipped. With the Customer Portal, customers can visit the "shopping site" wherein they place orders directly. In addition, the Customer Portal automatically pulls and pushes information for your convenience. 


Warehouse Management

With iNECTA Food, the integrated warehouse management system will have your inventory in perfect order throughout the lifespan of the product. In addition, you can use any Android powered scan gun to automatically store product information into the iNECTA Food system. With cutting-edge sorting and accountability, iNECTA Food will keep your product in good standing order until it is shipped out of the warehousing stage and onto the buyer. 


EDI - Add-on

We offer our food industry customers a fully integrated EDI system with the ability to accept and return electronic documents with the click of a button. With iNECTA Food cutting edge solution, you can connect to your customers and vendors directly or via a trusted Value Added Network. iNECTA Food can accommodate based on your goals and your specific preferences. 

Microsoft D365 Business Central Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses streamline their daily operations.

This offering is a substantial digital upgrade from limited accounting solutions that allows customers to simplify everything from finance, supply chain, manufacturing, WMS, and service management. This cutting-edge tool from Microsoft allows businesses to consolidate all of their data into a single cohesive ERP solution.